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About Us

Krena Consulting was established with a focus on professional service delivering the highest quality, timely and accurate financial reporting to our clients.  Clients receive a high level of communication from the initial meeting where the goal is to understand your needs through timely delivery of the final product.  Our client's success is our success and we recognize the importance of strong accounting and financial reporting systems as being part of the foundation upon which a successful business enterprise is built.


One of the most important facets of building a strong company is the ability to secure credit and, if desired, attract investment capital.  Your financial reporting package is a primary vehicle that allows your business to gain access to credit whether it is in the form of a bank line of credit, a surety bond program, outside investors, etc.  These creditors/investors are generally not privy to the day to day operations.  These outside business partners, both existing and prospective, look to a strong financial reporting capability within a company.  They expect timely, accurate financial reports and personnel within the company who are accessible, friendly and knowledgeable.  In short, they expect their capital in your business is secure.  Your ability to be able to produce those financial reports is critical to those outside business partners providing ongoing support.  Krena Consulting helps your company achieve that objective.


Another important element is compliance with reporting regulations.  Krena Consulting can assist with audit, income tax, property tax, VAT, as well as providing data for a broker-dealer financial package production including net capital computations.


Our unique skillset and approach to business ensure you will have a solid handle on the financial reporting function within your company.  Our company is dedicated to yours...